Project R: Integrating by Parts

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I’m still moving glacially slow when it comes to my painting projects I’m afraid, however I think a part of this might be the fact that I’m not dividing this ship into manageable parts.  With this in mind, I’ve been making incremental progress on the parts I’ve already got assembled, concentrating on the forward superstructure and funnel assembly (which was a testing bed for my painting style, colours, etc.)

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Project R: Glaciers Move Faster

My painting progress has been sub-glacial lately, but I finally have  some pictures to show off and maybe build upon.  While a lot of my time has been spent playing virtual boats, sometimes I like to hunker down and watch the Blue Jays kick ass and take names while putting paint on things. Continue reading “Project R: Glaciers Move Faster”

Project R: Re-Evaluating My Objectives

Historical Modelling is bloody intimidating.  Completing this project is suddenly the single most daunting project I’ve had sitting on my desk in a long while.  Here’s why:

Bismarck Colourized (
I want to extend my thanks to – this site has actually thoroughly inspired me in the past. All credit goes to them for these pictures.

This thing actually existed.  There’s pages upon pages of forums of what colours this thing was sporting on a month by month basis.  People have filled books with photographs and artwork of this ship.  It’s not like fantasy or science fiction, where you rely on made-up lore for your inspiration. Continue reading “Project R: Re-Evaluating My Objectives”