Quickpost: I Paint Tiny Ships Now

Just a quick one here, because I thought I would never do this in a million years.

Having just wrapped up a pretty awesome game and waiting for Destiny to update (8 gigs that takes 3+ hours?  NO FREAKIN’ WAY…), I got bored and started to want to paint something.  But…. what? Continue reading “Quickpost: I Paint Tiny Ships Now”

SW Armada Batrep: Clash at The Meadow Nebula (pt 1)

I haven’t posted a full battle report for Star Wars Armada just yet.  Given how stoked I am for Wave 2, I realized I’ve never actually played a real mission (I had played nothing but “Last Man Standing” games thus far) using anything other than stock ships with some dudes.  So I set about building 2 lists that I thought might be a bit competitive, and pit them against each other. Continue reading “SW Armada Batrep: Clash at The Meadow Nebula (pt 1)”