Content Slippage

Those who follow my blog may have become accustomed the regular, disciplined posting to date in 2016, either in the form of my Friday Frag Bags, or those bragging about my completed projects over the weekend.

Welp, the radio silence over the past two weeks would probably have been a bit disconcerting, eh?

Take note:  I am very much alive.

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Adventures in Lighting Procurement

So – I finally accomplished one of my weekly goals, but it hasn’t been easy.  My beloved desk lamp croaked a few weeks ago, and I was left with sub-par lighting conditions in my work area.  Something needed to be done.

Quietly I planned to venture forth to Ikea.  But I loathe that place.  “You’ll be fine, you’re just there for a lamp…” I caught myself thinking at one point…

Then I remembered how this journey ended for Boromir...
Then I remembered how this journey ended for Boromir…

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