BRRRRT ‘Rox and Some Terminators

Hey all,

It continues to be very busy for me, but I was able to sit down with my Dark Angel bro and get some painting done over the weekend.  He was working on some test models for his upcoming Militarum Tempestus force (of the Kasrkin variety).   Continue reading “BRRRRT ‘Rox and Some Terminators”

Proof of Life – Bloody Iron

Hello All!  This is kind of a proof-of-life post, as I have been extremely busy lately and have fallen in a blogging slump of sorts as I scramble around with work deadlines and important lifestyle changes.

Some brief notes:

  1. Oakenwife was searching for a job after leaving her position of about 3-4 years or so.  It was just time for her to move on, and swing for the fences with her career.  It seems as though she might have succeeded in that after just over a month of searching.  I’m not going to go into details as a contract has not been signed yet.  At any rate, CONGRATULATIONS OAKENBABE.
  2. Work’s been heating up with the weather.  It seems that all my clients were waiting for the snow to melt and now I’m chewing through a 6+ week backlog (it should probably never be more than 2-4 weeks.)  Soooo….. Yeah.
  3. I’ve been enjoying weekends of chilling with the families, golf tournaments and the like… Any time I can get outside, I do.  It’s been gorgeous around here lately and I want to take full advantage.
  4. My glasses were destroyed last week.  This might not seem like much, because I’ve only got a slight corrective prescription, but it’s different in each eye, and as both eyes fought for control of my brain it resulted in some pretty severe headaches over the past week.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to get home from work, turn all the lights off, and hide in the dark until the pain went away.  They’ve been replaced as of Monday evening, with a sharper prescription and so I’m back to loving life again.  😀
  5. About a month ago, I started experiencing some chest pains.  The chest pains worked out to be not-that-big a deal (work stress or musculo-skeletal), but given my mother died at 53 years of age with a torn Aorta, and heart disease runs in the family, I wasn’t about to mess around with this one.  A quick ECG and blood pressure test revealed that my heart was operating normally, but blood work brought back some interesting results, considering I’m only 28.  Haemochromatosis runs in my family, and my iron levels read well above normal.  So now I’m waiting on some genetic test results to see if I have the indicators that mean I have this disorder.
    • Treatment isn’t that big a deal if it turns out I have it.  A course of leeches is perfectly legit.  Given we don’t live in the dark ages however I’ll just walk into a blood bank, cough up a pint or two, they’ll pitch it over their shoulder (they can’t use iron contaminated blood for those in need, as I understand it), and I’ll walk away with some free fruit punch and much less Iron in my blood, as well as a lot less blood.
    • If left untreated it could present a plethora of issues including diabetes, heart, liver or kidney failure, extreme fatigue (as if I need any more help getting tired, ugh.  *pours another coffee*)  and increased risk of gout.  Yeah, this isn’t going to be left untreated.  Bring on the Blood Letters.
Mr. Oak, Dr. Khorne will see you now....  "What's this?  You have have blood for the blood god????"
Mr. Oak, Dr. Khorne will see you now…. “What’s this? You have have blood for the blood god????”

All of the above is not to say that I haven’t been hobbying lately, I’ve just had a lot less time for it.  I got in a few games with my Tyranids against the new Space Marine codex (so much Grav….) and against an Ork Green Tide.  Both were tightly contested games but I wound up being tabled by the time the game ended, as it typically goes with my Bugs.  If I have time this week I might post a batrep or two, but I’m not holding my breath just now.  More content to follow hopefully.

Great gork & mork that's a lot of boyz
Great gork & mork that’s a lot of boyz

Until next time, cheers guys.

Battle at the Cadian Gate: Month 4

A couple of weeks ago I was assaulted by the forces of Chaos, the full report of which can be found at this here website.  Abaddon brought a Lord of Skulls with him this time around, and wanted to cut into the heart of the Cadian system.

Sgt. Slab, on the other hand, had other ideas…

I’m loving this campaign, and it has all the hallmarks of what will be a drawn-out engagement…

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, in the lead-up to this battle, I was presented a gift from my opponent.  A hand-crafted Scion conversion for Lord Castellan Creed and his loyal Colour Sergeant Kell.  He did an awesome job with them and I’m looking forward to painting them up.

2015-05-24 20.52.04
Be wary of Tactical Genius.