I’ve been saying to friends for a while now, you tend not to make very many friends when you play FULL Guard. It’s less of a game and more of a continuous shooting phase. I roll dice, and tell you how many of your miniatures to remove. It’s a one-dimensional experience.

Lately I’ve been enjoying playing Tyranids because they have a lot more moving parts, and can ask a lot of questions of your opponents (a whack-a-mole game of threats). If you miss one, you’re in trouble. If you miss two, you’re doomed.

This Guard list I’ve put together has a smattering of everything, but the biggest question is how much production can you get out of your units? Each turn you’ll have a quota – can you grind me into dust before I do the same to you?

So here’s what I’ve got:

  • Cadian Brigade (+12CP +3 -1 [ARTILLERY COMPANY])
  • Company Commander
  • Company Commander
  • Primaris Psyker
  • Enginseer
  • Ministorum Priest
  • Company Command Squad (2x Sniper Rifles, 2x Plasma Guns)
  • 4x Infantry Squads w/ Flamers
  • 2x 5-Man Scion squads with a power sword each
  • Hellhound w/ Hull Flamer
  • 2x Scout Sentinels w/ Heavy Flamers
  • Wyvern
  • Manticore
  • Basilisk
  • 2x Chimeras w/ Hull Flamers
  • Valkyrie w/ 2x Multiple Rocket Pods & Heavy Bolter Door Guns
  • Cadian Spearhead (+1CP, -1 TANK COMPANY)
  • Tank Commander, MBT w/ Hammer of Sunderance
  • Leman Russ Vanquisher w/ Lascannon
  • Leman Russ Executioner w/ all the plasma
  • Leman Russ Punisher w/ all the bolters

I’ve had a couple of variations on this list floating around, and I’m not going to pretend that this is the most optimized list possible but this is pretty close to it given my miniature collection presently… For example, I might trade the Manticore for a second Wyvern of another Basilisk in order to take advantage of the Artillery Company synergies. If I had anything to replace the Vanquisher, literally anything aside from an Exterminator (*shudder*) I would probably run that turret instead. Alas, I do not. Justification to purchase more Leman Russes? Quite possibly, but don’t tell my wife.

I should also comment I’m not the type to swap out regimental keywords freely for additional regimental related buffs… My collection is made up of Cadians, ain’t no Tallarns in the Tank Company, or Catachans in the Artillery… CADIA STANDS!

Stuff This List Will Do:

  • It’ll absorb casualties like it’s going out of style
  • It’ll have relatively consistent damage output from turn to turn, as a significant portion does not require LoS, orders, and Overlapping Fields of Fire are a thing.
  • It’ll collapse like wet tissue paper in the assault phase, if it gets that far.
  • It’ll force the opponent to either play for the victory (target transports and dog-pile onto VP’s) or try to survive (play for attrition and target dangerous units)
  • It’ll regen wounds on vehicles if you don’t finish the job

Stuff This List Will Struggle to Do:

  • It’ll struggle to get any kind of sustained mobility going – an astute player will blast the transports first, making the troopies heel-toe it into the Dangerzone
  • It’ll struggle to bring down units with significant invulnerable saves. I’m hoping the sheer volume of fire helps mitigate this somewhat.
  • It’ll struggle to remain strong on the center of the table (unless of course I roll exceptionally well)…

I don’t know, I’m a bit excited to get the Guard back on the table again. Any thoughts out there…? Hit me up below!

7 Replies to “I’M DOING IT”

  1. I am excited to see how this turns out for you! Will you have a chance to play the list(s) before your tournament? I have had very little luck with the Arty Company, it might be worth the -1CP to get the Suppressive Fire Strat. The -2CP for firing twice doesn’t help with all the randomness you get from Wyverns and Basilisks.. see here https://cadianshock.com/cadian-brigade-detachment-vs-death-guard/

    Is the Autocannon Russ that bad? I kind of think that Heavy 4 firing twice is decent enough for taking out light armour?

    I am excited for seeing the Russ in action. I have 7 on the go at present!

    1. The autocannons feel so underwhelming when you consider the price tag for the chassis and other options for getting them.

      Cadian HWS’s + CC are cheaper, more accurate, and more flexible than the Leman Russ, for example albeit on a less durable chassis…

      At least with the Vanquisher I 100% know that’s a lottery ticket, just like the Manticore… But these vehicles were always this way 🙂

        1. It’s on the 27th.

          All said, I think I’d prefer Executioner, Punisher, or MBT variants, Vanquisher and Exterminators being the wild cards for Tank Commanders (the guaranteed number of shots on a Tank Commander is helpful considering the improved ballistic skill)

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