Paintcation Update: Day 1 & 2

So here we go!  Above you’ll see an overall project status shot.  You’ll notice not much got done.  *sigh*

This weekend was particularly busy with rehearsals and running around and visiting family and such, so I had about 2-3 hours to put in total.  In that period of time I got some work done on the Hormagaunts and Swarmlord. Continue reading “Paintcation Update: Day 1 & 2”

Paintcation Begins NOW

“Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” – Rob Kennedy

On a whim, my wife and I opted to take a week off and clean the house and also catch up on having – you know – a life of sorts.  Often we get so wrapped up in work it’s difficult to spend much time with each other.

So we’re probably going to be going to the aquarium.  Because fish.  I’ll probably be cooking a turkey, because why the hell not?!

So if I have any free time with all that NOT WORKING and spending time with my wife, I’ll probably be painting.  And what is painting, without goal-setting?

Like the solo terminator in the featured image above, I feel like my goals are mayhap overly ambitious.  Time will tell.

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