Battle Report: Astra Militarum & Skitarii vs. Orkz & Khorne Daemonkin (2,000 pts)

Been a long time since I rocked a battle report.  …How does this work again?

This game was a pick-up match as I walked into the shop with a 2,000 point list ready to go.  Also happened to be one of the best (and closest) games I’ve played in a long time.  Hope you all enjoy! Continue reading “Battle Report: Astra Militarum & Skitarii vs. Orkz & Khorne Daemonkin (2,000 pts)”

Imperial Armies: Hobby Status Report

You guys would probably know at this point I re-picked up this hobby in January 2013, meaning I’m coming up on about 3 years in the Imperial Guard.  It took me until October of 2013 to gather 1,000 points, and about a year after that my force had expanded to about 3,500.  Sitting here in November 2015, I can now advise my total Imperial force is approaching 7,000 points.

It’s incredible to think about.

Continue reading “Imperial Armies: Hobby Status Report”

Sir Winston & Ryza Skitarii

Alright, this is a general life problem of mine.

I love to start projects, but once there’s a bump in the road I tend to be very quick to abandon the job.  I also tend to get distracted very easily.  Eventually, this leads to some procrastination, and nothing really gets finished until there’s a gun up to my head or there is something tangibly at-stake (IE – ‘lose your job’ kind of stakes). Continue reading “Sir Winston & Ryza Skitarii”