Holiday Shenanigans

Hello all!

I was hoping to write a bit more this holiday season (I’m back to work on the 5th) however things kind of got kicked off with a ‘thud’ with my long-time desktop of 7 years having died in its sleep on the evening of the 24th.  *removes hat*  She was a beautiful machine, and I kept her engine clean, but now she can’t seem to locate all of her appropriate drivers on start-up and I don’t think I can handle wiping her down again and reinstalling the Operating System for the fresh slate. 

Fortunately, the only thing I really use it for anymore is blogging, and I can now use my tablet for that, so no big loss.  This is my first post using my tablet as well so if it’s a bit rough you’ll know why…

So what have I been up to then?

Been pretty busy lately relaxing.  Heh.  Funny how that goes eh?  Time to hurry up and relax!!!

The Phodian Hive Swarm is almost completely painted now.  Working on the carapaces, guns, claws, and details now.  Should be done shortly.

You'll notice the carapace is done on the first warrior, but not the other two. Similarly, the Genestealers need to be layered up a bit more. Still, looking good!

Played a few games with them, and I’m looking forward to expanding the Tyranids VERY much.  The first game I lost by 3 bodies on the table, the second one I won by around 6.


I’ve also been busy assembling Christmas presents for my bros, who loves them some beakies.  Not my favourite flavour of plastic crack, but I haven’t touched them since the Deathstorm boxed set and before that, 3rd edition, so what the heck!!! 

For my Dark Angels bro, I got him a new Predator.  It’s fully magnetized, and will be a huge improvement over the mostly metal model he’s been using since 3rd edition (it used to be mine, before i learned how to paint things).  I love the Predator model, and they look great in larger formations.  Something about the long gun on the destructor model makes it look super badass.  Pantheresque, maybe.


For my Blood Ravens bro, I got him a Hunter / Stalker.  This is a neat dual kit, and can easily be both if there’s a Rhino he’s not using with the hatches not glued in.  There were *SO* many bitz and finnicky details, but I got through it.  Not much I can actually magnetize here, except the top-piece.  But this just sits in there nicely… blu-tac will do the job better than magnets would… The guns on the stalker are a bit tippy and are candidates for magnetization.  Great model on the whole.  I might paint this one up for him :).


Anyhoo, that’s about it for now, likely post a bit more later!  Cheers everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Our family Nativity Scene looks a bit different this year…

Flow’ry Meadow drives up:  “You there!  Citizens!  There have been reports of Xenos activity in this area!  ….What’s that in the food-trough…?”

Wiseman:  “That’s the saviour to humanity!  He who will die for our transgressions!  Would you like to worship him with us?”

Flow’ry Meadow: “HERESY!”

Mary: *lowers her cigarette*  “You watch your tone!  This is the son of god!”

Joseph: *shuffles around uncomfortably*

Flow’ry Meadow *into commlink*:  “Alert the Inquisition…  Possible heretics in Bethlehem sector…”

*awkward silence*

Wiseman:  “….Want some Frankinsence?  I brought enough for everyone”

Wiseman2: “Always with the Frankinsence!  We told you that business wouldn’t be profitable but would you listen…?”

Wiseman: “Shut up!  You’re one to talk, you always bring cash…”

Flow’ry Meadow: “Well, looks like you all have a lot to deal with yourself…… Come get us if you see any xenos”  *accelerates away poste-haste*

Carnifex: *chitters approvingly*  RRrrrrRrrrzzssssskkkkkkk


*sigh*  This is what happens when my wife leaves her own miniatures out on the table.  =)

On my Holiday to-do list:

  1. Family hang-outs
  2. FEED.  (Hopefully I roll Preferred Enemy (Turkey)!)
  3. Obligatory Netflix Marathons:

    Can we plz watch the next episode of House, now?
    Can we plz watch the next episode of House naow?
  4. Sleep.

    Sometimes you just gotta wear your bed like a hat.  a supremely comfortable hat.
    Sometimes you just gotta wear your bed like a hat. a supremely comfortable hat.

I haven’t had any time off since July, when I went to Honduras, so the time away from the office and work is going to be a god-send.  I’m probably not going to go very far from my house, and it seems likely that I’ll get quite a bit of painting done.  So here’s another holiday list:

Painting Priority List:

  1. Wrap up Broodlord
  2. Wrap up Carnifex (some details remain)
  3. Wrap up Bullgryns
  4. Prime and paint remaining ‘Nids from the Deathstorm box
  5. Prime and paint Blood Angels
  6. Wrap up that infantry squad I started well back (lol)
  7. Wrap up the Wyvern (some details remain, tracks, smock launchers, crew, etc.)

Anyways… 1, 2 & 3 can be achieved inside of a day, so I’m optimistic about how much progress I’ll be able to make.

That is, until Colin shames me into cuddling with him.  *sigh*
That is, until Colin shames me into cuddling with him. *sigh*

Anyways!  I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, some Happy Holidays, and a very happy New Year!

Productivity Update #13 – Spawn of Cryptus

Just a quick post today, I wanted to show off some WIP’s of the Spawn of Cryptus, which I painted using the same techniques as the Carnifex from my last post (sorry, the Bullgryns keep getting pushed back…)

Generally the process proceeds as follows:

  1. Prime White
  2. Ink Druchii Violet
  3. Drybrush (heavily) Screaming Skull
  4. Drybrush (lighter) Skull White

I started going over the carapace with the Nagarroth Night inked the dark portions Violet, but haven’t really gone beyond that at this point.  I obviously base-coated the talons khorne red as well, while I figure out exactly how I’m going to go about painting them.  =.=

Not going to win any golden demons, but frankly I think it looks pretty good!  Feedback and comments welcome!


2014-12-18 23.24.51


Cassor for Scale.  This Broodlord is a big bug...
Cassor for Scale. This Broodlord is a big bug…

Blood Angels as Allies

A seemingly long time ago (3-4 months, I guess) I was giving a lot of thought as to what I wanted to include as allies for my Imperial Guard in order to give it that different flavour.  I didn’t want to go overboard with the allies, an ideal ratio would be around 25-33% of the total point value of the game.  This would be ideal for 1,500-2,000 point games.

With this in mind, I was focusing on finding a formation or allied detachment to really create a Leman Russ “Jack in the Box”.  More often than not, assaulters get far to close for comfort and tear open my beloved tanks.  I had to think of ways to dissuade this from happening…

In house options for the Guard include Bullgryns, and cheap infantry, both of which are solid choices.  Bullgryns improve the cover save of the tanks behind them as well, performing double duty to help save the tanks from shooting, while being formidable in assault.  Cheap infantry needs no further explanation.  Keeping a 6″ bubble around your tanks are a great way to stay out of that Melta-drop-pod shenanigan range.  But both of these options lack a certain…. Finesse….

So what else might dissuade assaulters…?  How about having some of the universe’s most deadly and heavily armed lunatics this side of Chaos wearing f’ing jet-packs…?!?!  Yeah, that’d do it.


5th Edition Blood Angels Allied Detachment (520 pts):

  • Reclusiarch: Jump Pack, Power Armour  — 155 pts
  • Death Company [x5]: Power Fist, Power Axe, Plasma Pistol — 230pts
  • Death Company Dreadnought: Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer, Meltagun — 135 pts

Oh hell yes.  Those death-company are re-rolling to hit on the first round of combat (Hatred) with 5 attacks on the charge, re-rolling to wound (because of the Reclusiarch).  This unit would also have the added durability of Feel No Pain, naturally, because they’re INSANE.

The Dreadnought could potentially have an unlimited number of attacks, and frankly, that’s tough to ignore.

The general idea is that the Jump Packs would be hiding behind the tanks until would-be assaulters draw near, and the trap is sprung.  The Fleet-of-Foot Dreadnought would be a big distraction and used to help clog up the mid-field and generally be a pain in the ass.

Months pass, and I’ve been filling out the Guard list some…  and then my eyes lit up when I saw the contents of the Deathstorm boxed set — this was exactly what I needed to make this a reality!  And at a fraction of the price!  Welp, let’s see with the new ‘dex if I can make this happen…


Death Company are Elites now, as are the Dreadnoughts.  Barring a separate formation, this won’t be possible.  To use an allied detachment and get both the Dread and the DC is no longer practical.

So what have I got now?  Frankly, I’m open to suggestions.  I’m up to a full CAD, and if that’s the case I may as well take the new Blood Angels one…

7th Edition Blood Angels “Allies” (Baal Strike Force Detachment):

  • Captain Karlaen – 160 pts
  • Death Company [x5]: Thunder Hammer, Powerfist, Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol ~ 205 pts
  • Death Company Dreadnought: Blood Talons, Magna Grapple – 125 pts
  • 2x Scouts or 2x 5-man Tacs w/ Razorbacks…?

Using this detachment, there’s the added bonus of having the +1 Initiative on the charge, using Cap’n Karl gives all those bonuses for the Vendetta coming in, and seizing the initiative…

But even so, the cost of running such an “ally” balloons out quite a bit, on the order of 650-800 points depending on what troops I use.  Scouts would have the advantage of being able to infiltrate, while the Tactical Squads might be more ideal for all-comers.  It could easily balloon out to half of my army if I use the 5 man terminator squad that came with the Deathstorm boxed set…

Speaking of which, that Deathstorm Formation is starting to look pretty appetizing…

  1. Cassor the Damned is a character dreadnought.  Go ahead.  Challenge me.  (This is not something you typically hear from a Guard player!!!)
  2. Squad Raphen also has a Character.  This is neat, if you want to try and lay the beat-down with a Thunder Hammer.  It can be a toss-up however if your opponent is swinging with initiative.
  3. Cassor and Raphen are both Troops.  Not that it matters, because the formation doesn’t have objective secured anyways.  Wait… Does this mean I can use these unique squads as part of a regular Blood Angels Detachment…?  This has never been clear to me…
  4. Fearless and Counter-Attack are spiffy formation bonuses.  It’s a shame that the Terminators weren’t fearless to begin with, but with Cap’n Karl in the squad derpin’ along, he gives the rest of the squad Counter-Attack anyways so it’s no big loss.  Giving Death Company counter-attack is just salt on the wound.  +2 A if someone’s charged by them, or merely +1 A if they charge THEM.  Ouch.
  5. Oh, hey — Death Company score now!  Who knew these were discerning lunatics.  Only seems fair, given that Rippers, Beasts, Scarabs, and every single battle tank and vehicle (so long as they’re not soaring overhead) also score now.
  6. The Formation is all-killer, no filler.  There is no excess fat or obligatory troops tax on this formation.  100% Close-combat Blood Angel lunacy, plus re-rolling to wound once per game!  I’m not crazy about the terminator loadout (no cyclone or assault cannon?!), but if that’s my only gripe it’s doing pretty well for itself.  Clocking in at 710 points, she’s a bit heavy, but will get stuff done.

Anyways.  Those are my thoughts.  I’ll figure out a way to make ’em work, somehow.

F.A.T. Mat Happened

Soooooo…….. yeah…. expect more photogenic batreps from my home board from now on 🙂  Big ups to the folks over at Frontline Gaming for their hard work on this thing.

Super stoked to try this bad-boy out.  It’s almost… holographic…. It looks 3D despite being completely un-textured.  It’s weird.

Anyways, the gaming room continues to take shape.  Cheers guys!


Productivity Update #12 – Barnifex

So… Been learning how to paint Nids on the fly.  Here’s some pictures of the Barnifex, which frankly, has been a riot to paint so far.  Very unique as compared to painting my regular troopies!

You’ll have to excuse the lighting, it’s the best I could do unfortunately.  😦

Just a reminder that this is kind of where we were at a few days ago...
Just a reminder that this is kind of where we were at a few days ago…
Before I really got into painting this guy up this evening...
Before I really got into painting this guy up this evening…
Line painting?  Check.  Textured Carapace?  Check!
Line painting? Check. Textured Carapace? Check! Not totally purple anymore?  CHECK!
I didn't really have any fleshy pinky type paints available, so used an ink wash of Reikland Fleshshade in the mean-time.  It'll work.  =/
I didn’t really have any fleshy pinky type paints available, so used an ink wash of Reikland Fleshshade in the mean-time. It’ll work. =/  Still have to detail the Talons and the Strangler, not quite sure what to do there.  It’s also extremely hard to tell where the gun stops and the arm begins, but I guess that’s part of the bio-appeal.


So once I figure out what to do with the red-bits there, and the fleshy bits (the Stranglethorn… scrotum-like thing?  [ew]) then I’ll be able to chalk this guy up as a huge success, and a nice launching ground into the world of ‘Nid Painting.

Maybe now I’ll actually finish those bullgryns….


Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Eldar w/ Imperial Knight (1,850 pts)

Hey all!  This is about a week late in coming but hopefully its worth the wait…  I just want to get this up and maybe I’ll post the Battle Chronicler details later.  🙂

Got in a game against Clarence of MWG fame, and his tournament Eldar List, with one minor tweak.  He added an Imperial Knight OOF.

Continue reading “Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Eldar w/ Imperial Knight (1,850 pts)”

Productivity Update #11 – Target Rich Environment

Holy cow… I’ve been… Extremely busy lately.  Christmassy type stuff, work is really picking up, and building things!

Presently on my to-do list for this blog (and perhaps a sneak preview as to what I’ll be writing in the coming weeks):

  1. Battle Report at 1850 vs. Eldar & Imperial Knight (!!!!)
  2. Breaking down Blood Angel Codex (as allies)
  3. More productivity posts!

Welp, I can strike #3 off my list, because here it is!

It would be an understatement to say I've been having trouble focusing lately.
It would be an understatement to say I’ve been having trouble focusing lately.  While I know that the Carnifex won’t stay that purple for long, I’ve taken to calling it the “Barnifex” in the meantime.  That might stick.

Alright, so… Bullgryns are still getting some love.  Their skin’s all done, but I’ve got a lot to do with the greens and fatigues, and details.

I just wrapped up building Cassor the Damned.  Damn, he looks badass too.  Ready to kick some genestealer ass!

So, you'll be happy to know this near-corpse, who is in control of some pretty heavy-duty-machinery has gone completely insane.  You'd figure Marines would have background checks, or drug-testing, or something in order to make sure their workplace is safe, y'know?
So, you’ll be happy to know this near-corpse, who is in control of some pretty heavy-duty-machinery has gone completely insane. You’d figure Marines would have background checks, or drug-testing, or something in order to make sure their workplace is safe, y’know?

I also dropped my hobby budget (and then some) on some paints to actually get to work on the Tyranid models sitting on my desk…

AHHH!!!!  I can paint Tyranids!!!!!  SO COOL.  Obviously some detail work to go but this is a good proof of concept for the skin / lighter stuff.  This is the quick-paint style that I really enjoy.  Primed, Inked (Druchii Violet), and drybrushed (Screaming Skull & Skull White), call 'er a day.
AHHH!!!! I can paint Tyranids!!!!! SO COOL. Obviously some detail work to go but this is a good proof of concept for the skin / lighter stuff. This is the quick-paint style that I really enjoy. Primed, Inked (Druchii Violet), and drybrushed (Screaming Skull & Skull White), call ‘er a day.

Deathstorm? More Like Plasticstorm

Welp…  I dove in.  I had always thought about running some Blood Angels in with my Imperial Guard, because every now and then all a Guardsman needs is to be shown it IS possible to turn Xenos into a messy, chunky paste in close quarters, instead of the other way around.  The idea hinged around a Death Company Dreadnought (Mr. Stompy’s big brother), some Death Company (a wood-chipper squad), and a Reclusiarch being taken as allies.  Just so happens this box checks two of those boxes, and takes it up a notch by including 5 termies and a Unique Captain!  Not bad!

I’ve also been rolling ‘nids around in my head for the past 3 months, and when this boxed set came out, I couldn’t resist.  I can tell already this’ll be the start of something huge.  My orks are weeping.  I just wanted something to break the monotony of the green and tan.  Unfortunately the Greenskins didn’t fit that billing… 😦

I have never seen so much plastic in one box before.  Glorious.

Seriously.  I got lots of 'work' ahead of me :)
Seriously. I got lots of ‘work’ ahead of me 🙂

Picked up the box on my lunch break, came home, watched some TV with the wife, and now Mr. Stompy has one more thing to worry about.

LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!  Damn that broodlord is badass.
LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!! Damn that Broodlord is badass, although I reckon it doesn’t take much to sneak up on a Sentinel.

Anyhoo.  Company Christmas party this weekend hopefully I won’t walk back home in 6″ of snow without my shoes like I have in the past… Christmas tree hunting on the Sunday…  They’re wily sometimes, so it might take me a bit…  Which leaves Monday evening for a game.  We’ll have to see how this shakes out….

Take care all, and happy Plasticstorm!

Battle Report Updated — Now, with MOAR MAPS!

So… I found Battle Chronicler the other day.  And frankly, I’m loving it.  It’s relatively easy to navigate around, and can be quite precise (more precise I need it to be, for most of my purposes…)

I’ve been wanting to draw up these tactical overview maps for inclusion in my battle reports for quite some time, and I’ve finally taken my first stab at it, using the recent curb stomping I took from the Dark Angels as an example.  I’ve updated the battle report to include a map at the end of each half turn.

I’ll be playing around with explosions and large units and mobs and so on and so forth, but wanted to get you a preview of what might be to come in each battle report!  What do you think?  Does it add some value?

Let me know!