2019 – First Half Progress!

Every now and again I feel a bit down on myself, and there’s no one reason to point at necessarily. It’s one of those situations where the dark thoughts, while few, seem to stand against the many very good things that are going on around me. If this is the problem, I just need to allow myself to feel good about my accomplishments this year, and allow the weight of evidence to take over.

So – if you’ll oblige me – I’m going to get a jump start on my year end post where I’m always shocked at what I’ve accomplished throughout the year. For this post I’ll focus on the first 6 months of the year…


Heck, the year started off with a bang with a pretty stellar group chat of old friends taking form. All have a knowledge of the 40k universe, and has generally (and I hope I speak for everyone there) been a positive outlet for us. The late 20’s and early 30’s has been a diaspora of sorts, with old friends moving out of the city, and frankly the city becoming less manageable to get around in, so this has been good. A very good thing.

In terms of painting progress, I had a lot on the go. I was assembling a pair of Helverins, trying to get a mob of Orkz in a condition that I could sell them, and then this squad of intercessors reached the breaking point. They needed to get done for a Christmas gift for a pal of mine. So they got finished.

Oh, I also shovelled a shit-ton of snow, as one does in Canada.

You don’t really have a sense of scale there but that’s a solid 5′ drift on the right that I wound up naming Mt. Doom.


It seems like February was kind of a quick month and I guess that makes sense given it’s the shortest month of the year. I got 5 Stealers wrapped up (as I nibbled at the massive batch that I started in June 2018)

Of course, 4:00am was decided by my son who wasn’t sleeping the best at the time. 🙂

Oh, I also shovelled a shit-ton more snow, as one does in Canada. Remind me to consider purchasing a snow blower.

Hiding somewhere in that shot is my wife’s SUV.


This was a month of starting or continuing projects, not necessarily finishing them. Big lad started receiving some attention as the urge to paint increased.

I love the model, but I also hate how finnicky it is to fit together. Either way, even at this stage he’s looking pretty badass.
Sir Winston’s offspring also started seeing some attention…
I then de-skunked the dog, and shovelled more snow. 🙂


Finally some finishing! First, Winston’s Hawkshroud offspring got done:


Then some dudes that had been in painting limbo for wayyyyy too long…

Snikky assassin bots! Yay!

And then I snapped. Something that had been sitting on my shelf of shame for way too long needed to die. I’m really, REALLY proud of how he turned out, and further proof that I need not stress about how stuff is going to turn out, I should just get it done. IT FELT GOOD. (And I feel good writing about it!)


Emboldened by Cawl now being complete, I pressed on into a group of Rangers that had similarly been neglected for far too long. Within the space of a few weeks, done.

I added the red stripe on the princeps to help me out in the field. I think it looks slick, without being overly ostentatious…

Also, I feel like being a dad started to sink in around this time. It’s kind of weird, but you grow to really like it after a time. Maybe I was fighting it a bit before? I don’t know. But it started to get ‘fun’ at a certain point and I’m not quite sure when that was. Maybe this was it:

Don’t get me wrong, its not without its trials but… yeah. It’s nice. 🙂


Another project done, that really intimidated me from the outset. Like Cawl, I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Within a couple days I turned out 5 more Gants, because I was on a bit of a roll, apparently:

Again, continuing to chip into the batch I started about a year before…

To be Continued

I think 6 months of backlog in blogging is good enough for now. In summary:

  • 29 Infantry done
  • 2 Tank Sized Walkers
  • 1 Tank Sized Character

Not bad! I’m on pace to shatter last years numbers! Stay tuned!

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