Conversion: Corvus Vulture

The first sip of Emperor’s Finest StimCaf tasted strangely bitter this morning to Colonel Wishart, sitting in his Command Chimera.  Gagging, he resisted the urge to fling the cup at the driver, who probably brewed it using the primary oil filter again.  The tankers felt it was a right of passage.  The infantry (rightly) thought they were insane.

Perhaps reading his thoughts, his vox officer took the cup away from him before he created a regrettable mess.

“Message from the front lines.  Second platoon’s located and secured a crashed Inquisition vessel, Blackstar class.  It doesn’t appear there are any survivors.”

Wishart wrinkled his brow in contemplation.  Having Deathwatch involved in his airspace was an indication that the battle is about to get a lot hairier.  Despite a large Imperial Armada presently in orbit, the navy was no-where to be found during the fierce fighting these past few days, which makes ground operations needlessly difficult.  His relationship with the navy had been… Acrimonious as of late.

“Did second platoon indicate the condition of the craft?”

“Poor, but it may be serviceable.”

The gears continued to spin.  “Send it on our chief mechanics to take a look.  Do not alert the Commissariat, Inquisition, or the Mechanicus.  …We’re going to need all the help we can get.”

“…Understood, sir.”

Both knew there would be no Tribunal hearing if anybody dressed in black found out about this.

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Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Astra Militarum (1,000pts)


In my first game in ages, I opted to take out the Tyranids in their Mega-Monster configuration at 1,000 points, just to get the feeling once more.  At the shop, I featured a very very familiar Imperial Guard player featuring a list that looks as though I put it together.

I had a bit of fun putting this one together, thinking of a context for the battle.  This is what I came up with:

It is the early stages of the Tyranid consumption of Presidio Prime, and the Imperial Guard aren’t done fighting yet.  Launching a massive attack which is largely a distraction, the bulk of the swarm is swept aside, though at great cost.  The elite armoured fist, led by Knight Commander Pask lead the assault on the Tyranid back-line Synapse creatures, hoping to knock them out before the invasion really gets going.

Sensing the deception (and the implied danger), the Hive Mind responds by sending in a lurking terror.  But the Synapse creatures are not concerned.  Perhaps the Biomass has yet to learn the Perils of the Warp…?

Without further ado *drumroll*:

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