Leman Russ Variants: Ranked

The totally official ranked list of Russ Chassis Variants:

  1. Punisher
  2. Executioner
  3. Eradicator
  4. Demolisher
  5. Exterminator
  6. MBT
  7. Getting Hit by a Bus Carnifex

    Artist's Representation
    I get so many miles out of this meme it’s ridiculous.
  8. Vanquisher

I had a discussion written up, but the more I thought about it, the more I want this page to be a discussion.  So: Am I full of it?  Post up below!


Posting Habits and Work Ethic: A Self-Critique

I’ve had an interesting few days where I’ve basically rediscovered my work ethic.  I don’t know when in 2015 I lost it, or if it actually goes back a bit further…  The featured image above is basically how I spent a lot of my free time around the house in the second half of the year.  For those uninitiated, it’s called “Dachshund Augmented Blanket Therapy”.  It was quite the funk, yessir. Continue reading “Posting Habits and Work Ethic: A Self-Critique”

Happy New Year!

I was so mopy in my previous post I realized late yesterday that I neglected to wish everyone a happy New Year!  So…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (and a very belated Merry Christmas also…)

I hope a the above picture of Colin the Dachshund in antlers is a sufficient apology.  If not, I’m sure we can work something out.