Acing Base & Melting Brains

Just a quick blast here to show-off something that I’ve never EVER done before.

I made an actual base that isn’t really liquid applied (IE – Agrellan Earth).  *GASP*

So we all remember Mr. Bitey, right?  The most resilient Trygon, eater of Sanguinary Guard?


Great.  Because you’ll notice his base was naked.  ‘Was” being the operative word.  Shopkeep recently helped me through the process in basic base-making, and to get me up and over the hump of filling that wide open expanse of so much surface area.

Turns out it’s easy.  Just start gluing stuff everywhere.  Got cork?  Sedimentary Rock Formations. Miscellaneous poorly sorted screenings (please excuse the geotech engineer)?  Glue it down and you got a DIRT CARPET.

Anyways.  here’s the base I made all primed.


and here it is all finished up.


Anyways.  To say I’m merely pleased would be an understatement.  I got so excited I’ve begun work on my Vendetta’s base, which is also sorely lacking to date.  If this enthusiasm were to continue, you might also see the Carnifex, and 3x Sentinels also getting rebased.  😀

I’ve also begun work in earnest in hammering out the zoanies, and came up with this test-brain.  I like it, but I might add some very pale blue in order to make it look like the brain itself is glowing.  There’s a blue glaze in the recesses, and I built up the rest with Cadian flesh-tones.

Obviously a few touch-ups to do, but this is kind of where I was going with this :D
Obviously a few touch-ups to do, but this is kind of where I was going with this 😀

Anyways, that’s about it for now.  Cheers guys!

4 Replies to “Acing Base & Melting Brains”

  1. I love making bases. There is a huge amount of freedom in base creation that doesn’t always exist in a miniature. But you can really go to town on a base, creating stories and narrative. You really can’t mess up a base. And the more you play with them, the better they get!

    Yours looks great Oak. Now do the rest 🙂

  2. Yeah, you can’t go wrong tossing whatever you have on hand onto a base. The more you have the more visual interest it creates. It can be overdone but you’ve managed to hit the sweet spot with this. Well done.

    1. Thanks Thor! Hopefully this is the ‘proof of concept’ I need in order to really dig in and get some work done, but I’m not exactly holding my breath.

      Been in a bit of a slump lately as work and temperatures start to heat up…

      1. Think we all hit a slump this time of year, myself included. Been working on a model for months that I could have finished in a few weeks if working at optimal power but lately I’m just meh about it.

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