Completed: Q2 & Q3 Catch-Up

As part of all my soul searching lately I’ve had an opportunity to identify issues with respect to my motivation.  Specifically on my workflow, I have a tendency to hit a speed bump and then WOOP I’d rather be off doing something else for a while rather than simply running straight through the problem.

So it follows that the speed bump for not posting more hobby progress is that I haven’t posted about hobby progress in a while…

…A-hyep, that’s how my brain works here folks…


Picking up where we left off, I had just finished painting Sly Marbo, a Vindicare Assassin and 10 random mooks who I then gave to a fellow as a Secret Santa gift.  This was back in… what was it… March?  I’m going to show off again because I’m pretty proud of myself on these lads.

Oh, yeah, also that’s my cutting board that I ate a really good sandwich on.  Cool.

Since then in chronological order:

Two bases of ankle-biters:

I had them camped out on my desk for a little while and wanted something a bit easier to help get my mojo back.  For a time, that worked.  I’ll need another base completed in order to field a unit (and I probably will, they’re almost essential to fill out a battalion for ‘Nids) but that’s a problem for another day.  DONE.

6 Wyrdvane Psykers, or dudes in serious need of some Advil Extra Strength or similar… Seriously Commissar, we’re fine… we’re… fine…. *hrk*

I kind of doubt they’ll see the table any time soon though they are somewhat appetizing to camp an objective near the centre of a table and blapping dudes with a smite on occasion.  Because they only roll one dice to see if they cast a power they will never have to worry about a ‘perils’ result, but it will make it harder to get some of the trickier powers to go off.  Regardless, I wanted to paint some trench coats and these guys fit the bill.  DONE.

That takes us through until August, unfortunately, in terms of finishing projects…

But these guys were long overdue.  I think I bought and started painting them in 2015, and it only took me 3+ years to finish painting them.  Holy crap.  Regardless, they look pretty slick now that they’re DONE.

Into September now, and I got to finishing a project I started a mere 4 months earlier…

I can’t get over how menacing this guy is

You want to know the speed bump I overcame to push him over the edge?  Those flesh-coloured toxin sacs behind his ‘ear’.  Yeah.  That’s what prolonged this project 3 months.  URF.  Doesn’t matter, because he’s now DONE.

These are all the projects I’ve finished, but I’ve done so much more heavy lifting on others:

This captain is due for some final touches – he’s for my Dark Angel bro’s homebrew chapter. Highlights, some metallics, and some work on the base yet to do…
Oh, and then there was that time that I started painting a bunch of Tyranids and the batch ballooned out to like… Almost 50 dudes.  They’re starting to roll off of the production line presently but it took quite a lot of effort to get the motivation to start highlighting these buggers…
Or that flying hive tyrant that’s desperately close to being finished
and then the Master Dominus himself, (or perhaps I should just call him “Lord of Hoses”) is nearly complete…

That’s about it!  It’s been a great half-year of painting and hopefully Q4 sees a lot more of those active projects killed before new ones begun.  I’m not going to sweat it though, because painting is fun 🙂

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