Productivity Update #16 – Bullgryns!

Specifically at the behest DC, I got around to wrapping up the Bullgryns…  FINALLY.

I’m having a significant amount of trouble locating the base coat pictures, so without further ado, here are the “PRETTY MUCH FINISHED” pictures.

I need to finalize the optics, paint a hand grenade red, and wrap up the basing.  and the eyes… urf, maybe I’ll just skip those…

Please excuse the lighting, and note that the technical paint on the base (Agrellan Earth) has been freshly applied and is yet to start cracking.

2015-01-27 22.51.49 2015-01-27 22.51.55 2015-01-27 22.52.02

As always, I’m open to critiques, suggestions, etc.  Hit me up below!

Cheers guys, and happy modelling!


EDIT:  Here’s a few more pictures after the Agrellan dried.

2015-01-28 07.37.22 2015-01-28 07.37.42 2015-01-28 07.37.05 2015-01-28 07.37.12

5 Replies to “Productivity Update #16 – Bullgryns!”

      1. Yeah they dolook loads better they had a bit of a dipped in emulsion paint look in the first pic.

        Hope you get a better nights kip tonight insomnia is a bitch no where more lonely than your own bed when you can’t sleep

  1. I think I recall you mentioning the Agrellan cracks not being prominent enough in an earlier post (maybe it was somewhere else). I would suggest washing one of the bases with Agrax earth shade and comparing it to one that’s not washed. If you don’t like it you can always just go over it again with more Agrellan; just a thought.

  2. Oh jeez are those…Hazard Stripes?

    *flashes back to a series of ’employee evaluations’ at the HoP with my old El Jeffe, Lauby…In the showers, the bathrooms, lonely stairwells, in the basement…the dark, creepy basement…*
    ‘Hey these stairs are dangerous. Somebody should put up some…Hazard Stripes. Jeez a plumber could get lost down here.’
    *Throws me a towel*
    ‘Clean yerself up. Yer a mess…’

    If you’ll excuse me, I gotta go scrub every inch of my skin until it bleeds. I feel dirty. So dirty.

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