Completed: 5x Ryza Skitarii Vanguard

I finished these rad-soaked nightmares a few weeks ago, but hadn’t gotten around to taking any pictures for the ribbon on the project…  No longer!  Here they are!

Built: November 19, 2015
Completed: January 13, 2016
Time Elapsed: 55 Days

2016-01-25 07.24.06


The Vanguard come in at the cheapest of the Skitarii footies, and indeed the entirety of the Cult Mechanicus at around 9 points apiece.  They’re a brutally nasty pill to swallow, simply on the merits of their versatility even in a vacuum.

Rocking a 4+ armour save and 6+ Feel No Pain, they fall in between Sisters of Battle and Scions in terms of durability.  Mobility is increased tremendously through the addition of detachment-wide scouting from the Maniple, as well as the assault weapons and Relentless Special Rules.

2016-01-25 07.24.29

Perhaps their most appealing ability is to render your opponent’s toughness by 1 in assault meaning you’re wounding Marines on 4’s instead of 5’s.  You can also get into some pretty cool shenanigans in reaching previously invincible troopies toughness into an instant death threshold that’s manageable.  Tyranid Warriors come to mind, being instant-gibbed by S6+ (NOT BAD).

They also have the ability to push out an insane amount of dakka, with each troopie getting 3 shots at 18″, where 6’s cause 2 auto-wounds instead of 1.

I imagine the Vanguard are going to be a mainstay in my Skitarii ranks, and these 5 represent the first of 15 that I have in the box.

Looking forward to getting a full force of these guys fully painted!!!!
Looking forward to getting a full force of these guys fully painted!!!!


6 Replies to “Completed: 5x Ryza Skitarii Vanguard”

  1. The way that you describe them makes them sound super OP! Also did you notice that your colour scheme matches your mat & terrain? I noticed. The base does also! Forget what other people say about grass growing on a cracked surface; just look at the texture of the fat mat!

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of nutty how many special rules they cram into these little tin-men. I didn’t even mention their Doctrina Imperatives… They definitely seem OP on paper. I haven’t used them enough to make any judgement on them practically speaking. Any kind of S6 AP4 and you’re taking them away by the shovel-full.

      The Mat was what I was trying to match when I started basing things this way :). Broken earth and scattered green grass. The only time I really depart from that scheme is when the base is really too large – the Agrellan looks like it’s painted on, you need a more textured surface to get the most out of it. That’s when I use sandy stuff like you see on the dragoon.

      1. A little organization goes a long way. My problem is the time. I have it all organized, and ready to go, but just to find the time to make good on it.

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